Hi! I’m Jamie. Welcome to my official portfolio website!

I am a senior at the University of Santa Barbara, California, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in Art and Professional Writing. I am currently working as a copyeditor for the UCSB Humanities and Fine Arts Division (HFA).

I draw and write in most of my free time. My artistic abilities encompass a wide range of genres both digital and traditional, though I especially enjoy character design. I adapt very easily to changes in mediums and am willing to try my hand at pretty much anything. I’ve previously been a part of a student-run animated film called Catacomb in which I worked on concept work and in-between animation. For my position in the HFA, I designed the icon used on our website and social media platforms. Most notably, I am the artist behind the Muslims Welcome piece which gained its fame through Hank Green, one of the Vlogbrothers on YouTube.

As for writing, I have been writing science fiction and fantasy pieces since I was thirteen. I also dabble in contemporary genres. As of now I have written two complete novels and have had two short stories published: one in The Odyssey Science Magazine and the other in The Catalyst Literary Magazine at UCSB.

I’m currently located in LA, California.

Thanks for reading!